Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t heard from my sitter yet – what should I do?

Please check your provided cell phone’s voicemail and your email inbox. If you have a confirmed appointment within 24 hours and have not received any communication, please email Resort Sitters to check in with your sitter.

How many children can be booked for one appointment?

The maximum number of children under the care of one sitter depends on the children’s ages, special needs or circumstances, and the particular sitter selected for the appointment. Clients will be notified if more than one sitter will be required for your appointment. Generally speaking, one sitter may care for two infants or up to 5 older children.

May other children be present?

If our sitter is the only adult present, the hourly rate is based on the total number of minors (under age 18) present during the appointment. If another responsible adult is present during the entire appointment, and is solely responsible for the other minors, the hourly rate may be based only on designated children. Please discuss this with us at the time of booking.

What if I come home late?

Please communicate to your sitter as soon as possible if you realize you will not return at your scheduled time. Sitters may have transportation dependencies or another commitment. Please don’t return late without checking with your sitter first. If your sitter advises you that she/he has a hard stop at a certain time, please respect that.

What if we return earlier than expected?

You may, of course, return to your lodging and children at any time, but the applicable billing minimum applies to all appointments. When you book, we ask for your best estimate of your return time so that we may efficiently schedule sitters.

Can the sitters take my children out of the house?

With your written permission, the sitter may take children out of your lodging for activities at locations accessible by foot, shuttle bus or other public transportation.

 What if my child gets sick?

Sitters cannot care for sick children, including those who have a fever, productive cough or those who may have a contagious disease, or for children who are staying in the same accommodations as other individuals exhibiting symptoms of illness. If a sitter arrives to find a child or other individuals with an undisclosed illness, the sitter may terminate the appointment at their sole discretion. 

Can my sitter give my child medication?

Sitters may administer simple medications based on your clear instructions.

Do the sitters have insurance?

Resort Sitters is fully insured in the state of Colorado against personal injury and property damages.

Can my sitter prepare meals for my children?

Your sitter may prepare simple meals for the children and tidy up afterwards. The sitter may also coordinate restaurant or room service meals, if you wish. You are not required to provide meals for your sitter, but you may choose to do so.

What if I have pets?

Friendly pets may be present if discussed in advance to avoid allergy problems. Please note sitters are not required to care for pets.

Will the elevation affect my child?

All children (and adults) are susceptible to altitude sickness as well as increased risk of excess sun exposure and dehydration in the mountains. Sleep can also be altered, with changed breathing patterns and frequent awakening, and our sitters are alert to these possibilities. For more information on the effects of altitude, please visit the International Society for Mountain Medicine.

What activities will the sitter bring for my children?

Activities provided vary with the number and ages of the children, as well as the particular sitter. Some sitters will bring books, toys or games; others bring coloring books and crayons or craft projects. When your sitter calls before the appointment, please discuss what activities might be best for your children.

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