Our Policies

Resort Sitters Policies

Service Agreement

A parent or legal guardian of each child must sign a Service Agreement prior to selection of the sitter and confirmation of the appointment. At the time of booking, we ask that you provide the name and age of each child who may be on the appointment and contact information for a parent or guardian so that we can obtain a signed Service Agreement from a parent of each child. The Service Agreement will be sent via an electronic signature service.


If a cancellation is necessary, please email Resort Sitters as soon as possible. If your appointment is within 24 hours please call and speak with us or leave a detailed voicemail. Although you may also notify your sitter as a courtesy, you may only cancel a reservation by contacting the Resort Sitters office. All Reservation Fees are non-refundable.

A client no-show at the appointment time and location is considered a cancellation without notice. If the client cannot be located, the sitter will make a reasonable effort to contact the client by phone call and text message before leaving the location and reporting the missed appointment to the Resort Sitters office.

Very rarely a sitter may become unavailable due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances. If a sitter has to cancel an appointment, you will be contacted as soon as possible. A substitute sitter will be arranged if available, otherwise a full refund will be sent to the client.


Please contact Resort Sitters directly to request a change in your appointment. It’s a fact of life that plans can alter, and Resort Sitters is happy to provide flexibility to your vacation. Generally, we cannot accommodate changes to the date of an appointment due to sitter schedules, but shifts in timing are usually acceptable with advance notice. Minor changes to your appointment may be scheduled through your sitter the day of your appointment. Please note: an appointment is only considered amended by written (email or text) confirmation from your sitter or the Resort Sitters office.

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