Rates & Payment



Reservation Fee schedule is consistent on all appointments.
Hourly Rates vary by location, starting at our minimum cost schedule. Reservation pricing will be shared prior to booking/payment.


There is a 4 hour minimum, per appointment, to ensure fair sitter compensation. Rates (Reservation and Hourly Rate) increase 50% on July 4, Thanksgiving, Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 31 before 5:00pm, and Jan 1. Rates double starting at 5:00pm on Dec 31 and continuing to the end of the appointment.


Advance bookings are strongly recommended for all holiday appointments. Please see Our Policies for a detailed explanation of cancellation policies and fees.



Your appointment is confirmed when the reservation fee is charged to your credit card through a secure QuickBooks invoice emailed directly to you. The invoice will accept all major credit cards and bank transfers. You then pay your sitter the hourly rate in cash or U.S. check.


Payment for your booking is done in two steps:

  1. Reservation Fee (paid directly to Resort Sitters) prior to booking, based on length of appointment.
  2. Hourly Rate (paid directly to your Sitter) after each appointment, based on number of children.


Unlike many services, Resort Sitters does not charge membership or subscription fees. You pay a non-refundable reservation fee when the appointment is confirmed and pay the sitter an hourly fee at the end of the appointment. There are no additional charges, taxes or fees. If you are considering other child care options, be sure to compare total costs.